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3. Intro .4. Story Intro .5. What I want to do .6. What I don't want to do .7. The colors of life .8. At school .9. A word with the class .10. The school's goals .11. What is the teacher's goals? .12. A word for the teacher .13. The two roles .14. In the house .15. During lunch break .16. What is friendship? .17. Friendship's limits .18. What is family? .19. Why does family feel so close? .20. Parents vs children .21. In the kitchen .22. The kitchen's business is home economics .23. On the playground .24. Are we all going to play? .25. On the playground .26. On the playground .27. Back to the classroom .28. Time to be tired .29. The time of leisure .30. That's all the time? .31. On holiday .32. On holiday .33. A cup of coffee with my dear friends .34. That's right, my dear friends .35. Off to the cinema .36. On holiday .37. Time to drink coffee with my dear friends .38. That's right, my dear friends .39. The right time to meet my dear friends .40. The right time to meet my dear friends .41. The day of the concert .42. In the concert hall .43. On the way home .44. On the way home .45. Back to the classroom .46. And what are you playing today? .47. What is the aim of this game? .48. Game Over .49. A game over! .50. Game over .51. Going back home .52. The game is over .53. The game is over .54. Going back home .55. The final game .56. Game over .57. It is time to go to sleep .58. Going to bed .59. Going to bed .60. It is time to sleep .61. Sleep is over .62. Going back home .63. Going back home .64. You are going back




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Ninjin: Clash Of Carrots Download] [pack] ingmsco

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